Welcome to the digital world called 'V. Halem'!

This website is about the genealogy of the Dutch family Van Halem and some members of the associated German family Von Halem, in earlier ages known as Van Halen or Van Haelen. In French the name was also spelled as 'De Halem'. On this site 'V. Halem' is used by default, unless spelled otherwise expressly.

Here you'll find the genealogical tree of V. Halem, the history of the family and the cities and villages where they lived and information about 'well-known' persons of the family. To read more about V.Halem please refer to the list of literature.

De Mirabello Van Halen (please note the spelling) is mentioned first in 1375 in the Belgium city of Mechelen in Flanders. However, Hilmann von Halen who was born in Delmenhorst (Germany) in 1560, can be seen as the ancestor of the German and Dutch families. The ancestor of the Dutch branch is Gerhardt Wilhelm (Gerrit Willem) Von/Van Halem. Please refer to the section dedicated to him and his son for details. In a separate paragraph the connection between de Mirabello Van Halen and Hillman Von Halem is discussed.

Because of the international history of 'V. Halem' this website is in English.

Cees van Halem
Hoornaar, The Netherlands

Coat of arms Von Halem ± 1650
Source: 3;10; Seal (G.A.) Von Halem: 7

Hilmann von Halen who lived in the 16th century
can be seen as the ancestor of the family


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