Nobility & Heraldry

On this page you will find information about the nobility of the V.Halem family and information about the coat of arms (which is called 'heraldry'), which belongs to the family.

Coat of arms de Mirabello

The coat of arms of the family de Mirabello van Halen, known as the ancestors of Hilmann van Halen, was found on the tomb of Vranke de Mirabello. We know that they belonged to nobility in those days.

The description of the coat of arms, a lion in yellow and the 'cour.'(crown) in blue (which is according to official heraldic rules not correct) .
Halen (van) - Brab.
De gu. au lion d'or, arm., lamp. et cour. d'azur.
C.: la tête du lion, entre un vol de sa. Cri: Mirabello!

In the literature we also find two other coat of arms, related to de Mirabello. On the left: the coat of arms of de Mirabello Uitenswaene, probably related to the de Mirabello van Halen's. The coat of arms can be seen as the same as the coat of arms of de Mirabello:
'Uitenswaene dit Mirabello': '-Brab.
De gu. au lion d'or, arm., lamp. et cour. d'azur.'

On the right: the coat of arms of de Miraballo (with an 'a'), with the description 'Napels' (city in Italy):
'Miraballo': ' - Naples.
D'azur au lion d'or, assis sur un tertre de trois coupeaux du même, isolé dans l'écu; ledit lion tenant de ses pattes une palme aussi d'or, soutenue du tertre.'

Coat of arms, redesigned in original heraldic colors by R.A.Koman.
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Coat of arms +/- 1650

The coat of arms below is dated +/- 1650 and belonged to the von Halem family in Germany.
Probably it belonged to Hilmann von Halen or his son Johann von Halem (1612-1679)

On the right you see the coat of arms how it should have been in those days in original colors. The colors were already mentioned in German heraldry-codes, which were included.
At the end of the lign the bird and rose out of the coat of arms were enlarged.
"Von Halem. StW. (um 1650) "In B. ein von 2 s. Rosen mit g. Butzen begl. g. Sparren, darunter ein s. Vogel"

3;10; creation coat of arms: W.A Groen; redesign: R.A.Koman)

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Coat of arms 1792

The tribe V.Halem-Ilksen adopted another coat of arms in 1792 after these two families where elevated to the class of barony ('Freiherrnstand').
At the moment we only have the German heraldry-codes of this coat of arms, but we do know that the original von Halem shield out of the coat of arms was included.
"V.Halem-Ilksen . W. (1792):Gev. u. bel. mit g.-gekr. b. Herzschild, darin StW.,1 und 4 in R. 2 beiderseitig aus s. Wolken hervorwachs, sich die Hande reichende s.-geharn. Arme, 2 u. 3 in Schw. auf s. Dreiberg ein einw.-gek., g.-bew. s. Kranich mit nat. Stein in der erhobenen rechten Klaue; auf dem H. mit rechts b.-g., links r.-s. Decken der Kranich rechtsgek. zw. 2 b. Straussenfedern."
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V. Halem nobility

According to the German institute of nobility
(Institut Deutsche Adelsforschung), the family Von Halem belongs to the nobility. Not all members of the family V.Halem belong to nobility. Only the descendants of a noble person (only his children, not his parents, brothers, sisters etc.).

In literature we find the following information:
Henrich Hermann von Halem (1691-1752) was recorded to the index of nobility of Oldenburg, which was known as the 'Ostfriesische Vasallentabelle'. He belonged to the nobility after the occupation of Ostfriesland by the Prussians in 1747. The grandfather of this Henrich Hermann was Johann Philipp, who was on his turn the son of Hilmann von Halen. Henrich Hermann belonged to nobility because he was the owner of the 'Freien Gutes Barstede'.

The following persons already belonged to nobility because they were the rightful descendants of Henrich Hermann:

Bernhard Johann Friedrich von Halem (1768-1823) was elevated to the class of barony ('Freiherrstand') of Westfalen with the family Ilksen at May 6 1811.

Two brothers of Bernhard Johann Friedrich, Gerhard Anton von Halem (1752-1819) and Ludwig Wilhelm Christian von Halem (1758-1839) belonged to imperial nobility ('Reichsadelsstand') at June 8 1792 (Munich).

Other Von Halem's who were elevated to nobility by the 'Deutschen Adelsverbaende Marburg' at September 6, 1954: Otto von Halem (born 1879), Hilmann von Halem (born 1934), Edzard von Halem (born 1935).
Many questions on this subject have to be researched in the coming years; especially the positon of Gerhard Wilhelm Von/Van Halem in relation to Hilmann Van Halen and his direct descendants.

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